In May, the season reminiscence of early summer, SHINee members Onew and Key went out for a walk.

Leader Onew uploaded a selca picture on Me2Day of himself wearing a white t-shirt, backpack and a cap worn backwards during a walk on May 20th (yesterday). In the picture, the weather was very good and full of sunshine. Onew’s charming smile attracted more than 1000 fans to write explosive comments.

Aside with Onew’s picture rising popularity, Key also uploaded a picture of himself during his walk. Although the pictures were uploaded a couple of hours between each other, there were many similarities in both pictures. Both were wearing a white cap backwards, wearing white shirts, carrying backpacks and the venue where both pictures were taken at seemed like a park etc. From these small details, one can see that Key and Onew went to the same park for a walk on the same day and then they took the selca pictures.

Key wrote on the picture “Key2DAY!! Today’s 2DAY!! Ahh…the air is so good ㅠㅠ Today’s shots are at the park!!!”

Therefore, fans’ reaction to that was “Oh so you went to the park for a walk with Onew hyung”, “Kibum is so fashionable keke”, “I know that from afar its Key oppa keke…can see your apple hair” etc etc.

Meanwhile, SHINee’s endorsement brand Mexicana will have a gift event between May 15th and July 31st through lucky draw. The 4th winner will get the admission ticket for the fan meeting on August 12th at Konkuk University Youth Ceremony.

Translation by: vivz @ soompi

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