SHINee Onew reveals his study secrets.

Onew is on upcoming SBS Quiz Show to be aired on 7th February where he talked about how he was ranked #2 in school when he was in high school 3rd year. The topic discussed during the show was ’school days’. And he was asked, “You looked like you’re a hardworking person, what is the best time for studying?”

He answered, “Of all the different times, studying at dawn works the best for me. So I would study at dawn and then go to school. But I would be so sleepy that I will fall asleep.” with a little joke at the end.

SHINee member JongHyun also talked about Onew’s good results in school, “It was something I didn’t know.” The other guest appearances also praised Onew, “He studies well and is modest.”

Credit : K Bites

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