In order to haggle, SHINee's Minho performed his personal talent, SNSD's "Gee".

The nation's youngest idol dads SHINee and son, Yoogeun, participate in the popular program KBS Joy "SHINee's Hello Baby". Just in time for Lunar New Year, in order to create a special edition of "SHINee's Hello Baby", the SHINee appas and Yoogeun carried out interesting activities.

In order to welcome the New Year, SHINee members Minho and Taemin went to the grocery to buy ingredients for New Year's dishes for the first time in their lives. Rather than buying ingredients to cook food, Minho and Taemin picked a bunch of snacks instead, resulting in them not having enough money to pay for it. In order to haggle down the price, Minho sang SNSD's "Gee" for the store manager, performing his personal talent.

Meanwhile, the special Lunar New Year edition of KBS JOY "SHINee's Hello Baby" broadcasted at 12am on the 9th will reveal Yoogeun's haircut, the making of rice cake soup, a New Year's fashion show, as well as the traditional folk games of kicking a shuttlecock and 'Lucky or Unlucky' (bokbulbok).

Translated by: caffywin @ SFI
Source: SHINee's Baidu Bar, Newsen

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