When I was in high school, I always took the bus, and it happened 6 years ago, when I first met that middle school boy, that made my heart flustered. I called him "The bus boy".

Remembering back then, even though we took the bus together many times, the only conversation I had with him was "I'll take your bag", "Ah yes ... thank you". On the Valentine's Day, I made chocolate but never had the courage to give it to him. I've never thought of, since then, becoming his girlfriend.

He always wore this blue uniform, a very skinny but tall kid. His look was so outstanding that it actually raised my standard of handsomeness to a new level.

Then, one day, seeing him on the television, I felt like turning back a 16 years old girl. "That's my bus boy", I almost shed in tears watching him performing "Juliette" .

Nowadays, when we look at the male idols, they are like cute puppies that we love to take care of, protect, and never think of them in a physical way.

Minho, however, distorted my usual mentality. When I look at him, I wish I could turn back the time, being a high school girl again and worshiping him in the way a noona like me shouldn't.

I guess I now know why we always want to create a time machine.

Park Eun Ha <10Asia> Editor

Credit: 10Asia - Elle Girl 2 - Minhoney - Translated by Ilumtics @ JustMinHo [dot] com

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