On KBS JOY "SHINee's Hello Baby", idol group SHINee made their son Yoogeun cry.

The incident happened when they went to the beauty salon to cut Yoogeun's hair for the Lunar New Year.

Compared to the other members, Onew and Jonghyun are relatively unfamiliar with taking care of children, so they went to the beauty salon to get closer with Yoogeun.

Once he sat on a chair in the beauty salon, Yoogeun started bawling. SHINee members Onew and Jonghyun panicked at seeing Yoogeun like this for the first time, and took out snacks that they had prepared earlier to bribe him. However, dealing with a 4 year old who hates the beauty salon is no easy feat.

In the end they enlisted the help of maknae Taemin. Did they finally succeed in getting Yoogeun a haircut?

Meanwhile, this special New Year's edition will feature SHINee members making rice cake soup, a hanbok fashion show, as well as competing for New Year's money by playing a shuttlecock-kicking game and 'Lucky or Unlucky' (bokbulbok), revealing more realistic and interesting content.

Translated by: caffywin @ SFI
Source: SHINee's Baidu Bar, Newsen

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