SHANGHAI, May 26 (Yonhap) -- South Korea launched a national promotion week at the ongoing 2010 Shanghai Expo on Wednesday in an effort to showcase its culture, art and technological power to China.

South Korea Week, scheduled to run until Sunday, will feature traditional Korean dancing, music concerts and fashion shows at the Expo's central stages, according to the Korea Trade-Investment Promotion Agency (KOTRA).
South Korean pop singers such as Super Junior, Boa, Kangta and f(x) are scheduled to perform at Sunday's "Korean Music Festival."

South Korea is aiming for 6 million visitors at its national pavilion in the ongoing 2010 Shanghai Expo, a top organizer said.

"I believe it is an achievable target, as word is spreading about the uniqueness of South Korea a month after the opening of Expo," said KOTRA president and CEO Cho Hwan-eik.

The state agency initiated the building of the South Korean pavilion, which was inspired by the Korean alphabet Hangul.

The biennial Expo opened in Shanghai on May 1 for a six-month run under the theme of "Better City, Better Life," with South Korea and some 190 other countries and 50 international organizations participating. Organizers hope to attract some 70 million visitors during the period.
According to KOTRA, about 670,000 people have visited the pavilion as of Tuesday, with 26,000 visitors coming on average per day. The number of visitors for per day has nearly tripled from opening day, when 9,370 people visited the three-story pavilion.

One of the main reasons for the increase in visitors to the is that it offers visitors a "do-it-yourself" experience, organizers said.

"While some other pavilions in the Expo are heavily dependent on showing on flat screens, visitors to our pavilion can touch them and experience it themselves," Cho explained.

The pavilion is designed to give visitors a space to experience the Korean culture, also known as "Hallyu," he said.

The exterior design takes the form of a three-dimensional geometric shape reminiscent of Hangul characters. Created by Korean installation artist Kang Ik-jung, the wall is covered with 38,000 tiles, which are painted with Dancheong, Korea's traditional multicolored paintwork on a wooden building.

The "Together in Harmony" section on the second floor stresses friendly relations between South Korea and China with the "Tree of Close Friendship." It is made with optical fibers in the center, surrounded by 7 different sections of video images introducing Korea's favorite Chinese food, travel spot, historical figures, movie stars and more.

The Technology Zone is equipped with three-dimensional (3D) TVs based on South Korea's technology, showing both Korean and Chinese characters that symbolize each country.

One of the highlights at the pavilion is the "Rolling Fortunes" at the Humanity Zone. Pulling the lever on the wall makes the "Rolling Fortunes" spin and reveal words of blessing that Chinese people are familiar with.

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