Fly To The Sky HwanHee recalled on SBS Strong Heart aired on 27th October on occasions when he had cried as a SM Entertainment singer, and also that he didn’t like being part of SM Town.

This had the SM singers present, Super Junior Lee Teuk, Eun Hyuk, So Nyeo Shi Dae YoonA and Tiffany, shocked to hear it from their senior singer.

Go under the cut to find out why HwanHee didn’t like SM Town.

HwanHee crying?

HwanHee revealed that he hated that “explosive ramen hair” which he was forced to wear when FTTS first debuted. He hated it so much that he cried after he saw it. It was SM Ent’s way of fashion back then.

But he added that Brian had it worse, as his hair had looked like that of a bride.

HwanHee dislikes SM Town?

HwanHee revealed he hated being part of SM Town. Because FTTS has this image of charismatic hiphop R&B singer, but when it comes to summer and winter when SM Town gathers, they have to act differently from their usual image with the younger singers in the company to do the cutesy concept.

But SNSD YoonA had said that it was her dream to be part of the SM Town during summer and winter when she debuted.

When being sabotaged by HwanHee, Brian insisted that he still thinks of LSM like his father. And then the Super Junior members were asked if there is anything they are unhappy about the happy, Lee Teuk answered, “Not even a bit. I love you, president”


Well we cant really blame LSM for everything as we do not know what is happening behind close curtains.I believe only half of the sentence as they say they love LSM(We really dont know).Either way, they wouldnt dare say something bad,if not they will get into trouble.
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