I'm sure that all of you are very curious about the reason behind HyunAh's odd behaviour during 4Minute's Music Core performance on the 7th of November. If you are still clueless about this incident, read it here.

Even though CUBE has not officially given their response to this matter, in actual fact, it all started since the girls' performance in the heavy rain at KBS1TV's Open Concert which was broadcasted on 18th October. If you have not read on that, it's here. Thus, HyunAh caught a cold, which was revealed to the public through Episode 1 of KBS2TV Invincible Youth when she made a phone call to her grandma. HyunAh has always been quite weak, and with the crazily packed schedule she has, as well as the usual activities which are required of her to attend, she still has to join the other 4Minute girls to perform on music programmes. These have been too much for a 17-year-old to handle.

On the 7th November, during their What A Girl Wants performance on Music Core, HyunAh finally could not take the pain anymore, and thus displayed her discomfort on stage.

Info: WGCN + 4minCN
Reporting + Translation: kueensora@4-minute.com
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