Rain has been chosen as the best Hallyu star in Vietnam.
According to KBS on 16th February, Rain has been voted #1 by Vietnamese viewers in a survey done through KBS’s international broadcasting in Vietnam.
The survey was done from last December all the way till end of January on  KBS World’s homepage to Vietnamese viewers on the best Hallyu star in Vietnam. A total of 386 viewers took part in the survey.
Rain was voted #1 with 46 votes, and So Nyeo Shi Dae follows behind at #2 with 26 votes.
The rest of the survey results under the cut.
Best Hallyu star:
  1. Rain (46)
  2. So Nyeo Shi Dae (26)
  3. Super Junior (25)
  4. Big Bang (22)
  5. Kim TaeHee (19)
  6. 2PM (16)
Genres the viewers were exposed to Hallyu:
  1. Drama (71.2%)
  2. Music (14%)
  3. Books (6%)
  4. Movies (2.8%)
First exposure to Hallyu:
  1. TV (60.1%)
  2. Internet (21.2%)
  3. Radio (5.7%)
  4. Direct enquire (5.4%)
Credits: Kbites
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