Many people think are wondering about why 2NE1 chose HOT pink as their official color. And now, Sones are upset with the blackjacks.

But, let me give you the list of of other groups who had/has pink (or different shades of pink) as their official color.

Baby V.O.X — Pearl Pink
Baby V.O.X Re.v — Pearl Pink
Chae Yeon — Apricot
CSJH The Grace — Pastel Pink
KARA — Pearl Peach
Lee Soo Young — Pink
M.I.L.K. — Pink
MC Mong — Peach
NRG — Pink
Papaya — Pink
SeeYa — Pearl Light Pink
SNSD — Pink (heart-shaped balloons)
Sugar — Apricot
Typhoon — Hot Pink
Younha — Light Pink

Source: EricXL (list) &

So dont complain now :)

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