The other day, the popular idol group Super Junior M were guests on MTV . During the program they exposed some of each other's secrets. The host, Chen Zheng Fei (VJ Andy) designed a scenario where the seven members would "coincidentally meet" the beauty Zhu Zhu. Each of them put their skills to test to see who will ultimately gain a piece of Zhu Zhu's "heart." For four straight days, from October 28th to 31st, SJ-M will come into contact with you on the Chinese MTV music station channel. Laughter will ensue starting at 12:30 in the afternoon.

These seven handsome men are all close to each other. They thoroughly understand the particulars of each other's daily lives. When all is said and done, who likes to act cool the most? VJ Andy had hardly gotten the words out before the members simultaneously pointed to Siwon. Being attacked from all sides, Siwon very innocently shook his head. VJ Andy immediately requested for Siwon to put on a cool pose, however, Siwon made a cute expression instead - one that said he was being bullied by everyone else. The leader, Hangeng, could no longer take it and promptly got up to "point out his mistakes." While speaking, he demonstrated the classical motions of Siwon's normal walk. Hangeng even supplemented it with, "His chest raises even more when he sees a pretty girl." Everyone clapped and cheered. Siwon was between laughter and tears and could only ferociously say one thing, "That's too much."

When VJ Andy asked about who takes care of himself the best, everyone again, without consultation, pointed towards Donghae. Andy racketed his head, "I thought it was Zhou Mi. Don't you guys say that he is the one who purchases the most cosmetics?" Henry said that Zhou Mi simply likes to buy, but not use, while Donghai uses cosmetics the most. The gentle Donghae would not let that pass either: If you can't find me one day, everyone please come to the skin department in the hospital to find me.

When SJ-M's seven members face a beauty, who's conversational skills is the best? VJ Andy called out Zhu Zhu for everyone to act out a scene to see who, when running into a beauty on the streets, had the best method to obtain the girl's number. As soon as Henry went on stage, he called out "Christina," using the erroneous name trick. He was promptly ridiculed by Zhu Zhu as being too old fashioned. The man loved by millions of people, Hangeng, set out and promptly laughed softly, sufficient enough for Zhu Zhu to forget the scenario and actually "take the initiative" and ask him for his number. This resulted in her being scolded by VJ Andy for "failing to live up to expectations."

These grownup boys of SJ-M are youthful and moving, filled with witty humor. Starting on October 28th, MTV will have a 4 consecutive day exclusive interview with this extremely popular group. From uncovering each other's secrets to striking up conversation with the members, this interesting exposure and 10 exclusive shoots*, should be sufficient to satisfy the appetite of the fans. Be sure not to miss it!.

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