There has been rumours going around recently that group After School’s member SoYoung has left the group.

The rumours started with one observation posted online which said, “SoYoung has not been participated in any event after the group’s participation in one of the college festivals on 23rd October.”

A fans also added, “Previously on 7th, the group performed as 5 members without SoYoung, and on the 14th, she was not present at the fansigning too.”

Netizens also added, “The title to SoYoung’s minihompy was ‘Hello!’, and on the 18th, she wrote ‘I miss you all’,” pointing to speculations of her leaving the group.

But on 20th October, a staff from Pledis said, “SoYoung did not leave the group.”

“SoYoung’s health condition has not been at its best recently. And she has flown to England to visit her sibling who went studying overseas that is why she was not present at the events. This has been a misunderstanding from caring fans who saw that SoYoung was absent for a while.”

And also, “She will join back the group in promotions when they release a minialbum end of this month. SoYoung did not leave the group.”

Credits: Kbites
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