The kissing scene between two top stars--Lee Byung-hun and Kim Tae-hee--in the TV drama "Iris" made headlines shortly after the drama went on the air, recording viewer ratings of over 20 percent.

In the October 15 episode, Hyun-joon (Lee Byung-hun) and Sa-woo (Chung Jun-ho) were scouted as spy agents for the top national intelligence service. After undergoing a harsh testing process, the pair learned about the agency only after the tests were over. But they were displeased to realize that the whole process was carried out without informing them in advance whatsoever.

Hyun-joon, who fell in love with Seung-hee (Kim Tae-hee) at first sight, was more than just outraged; he felt betrayed. He was deeply disappointed to learn that Seung-hee had approached him in order to bring him to her agency.

But the last thing he would do was give up. He deliberately showed interest in her, and during their first dinner together he lured her to a spot where no surveillance cameras were installed and demanded that she apologize. But what he really wanted was not an apology but to know what Seung-hee had on her mind.

However, Seung-hee refused to apologize and only said that Hyun-joon behaved in a macho manner in order to conceal his painful past. She was apparently displeased with his pretentious behavior. But her remark only further aggravated Hyun-joon, and he ended up kissing Seung-hee while she was making her eloquent speech.

Startled, Seung-hee slapped Hyun-joon but it was of little help in stopping Hyun-jun. She finally gave in and accepted his kiss. Such passionate kissing scenes are hard to see on small-screen shows. The kiss will likely add passion to the relationship between the two characters and become the reason behind Sa-woo's betrayal.

Since its premiere on October 14, "Iris" recorded viewer ratings of over 20 percent, beating its rivals airing during the same time slot on other TV channels. The only TV drama to post viewer ratings of over 20 percent in the last year was "Again, My Love," which ended in April.

But unfortunately the background music of "Iris" doesn't seem to match the "blockbuster" status of the drama, and the same could be said of its somewhat weak storyline.

source: KBS

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