On the MBC Sunday Night Show ‘Danbi’ (aired on February, 14th 2010), Park Shin Hye showed her care to other people by joining the Danbi team to remodel a car and turn it into a ‘dream car’ for someone who really needs it.

On the show, the Danbi team was seen doing a challenge and custom a dream car for a bus driver named Park Hui Seon who got into a car accident and lost his left arm.

Even tough this is the first time for the Danbi team in doing a car remodeling, they have tried their best to custom a dream car that suits the driver’s current body condition and bring happiness to Park Hui Seon.

TV viewers who watched the show says, “every time, Danbi always do such an impressive activities”

The Danbi team also sends their supporting message: “Park Hui Seon ssi be strong!”

Source:TV Daily || cr:KBites

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