MTV 'Japan Korea Pop Music Craze' 3 days exclusive interview starting from 28 Oct
New album 'Rebirth' give good results, releasing in Taiwan end of this month.

Credit: Warner Taiwan + (English translation) + quainte

SS501 held their 1st concert in Taiwan on 17 October. Upon arrival at Taiwan, other than rehearsal non-stop, they gave their exclusive TV interview to MTV music channel's 'Japan Korea Pop Music Craze'. They were very happy to meet their old friend MC Ken Wu again. During their previous visit to Taiwan, Ken Wu let them experienced their most unforgettable moment by tasting Taiwan's traditional bitter herbal tea. This time, he used marble soft drink to celebrate their full house concert. The 5 boys upon seeing the special means of opening the traditional marble soft drink, were very excited and found it interesting. The program had specially invited tarot card guru to read SS501's fortune. Unexpectedly, Park JungMin exposed some inside story on the spot, revealing that member HyungJoon has been wanting to go solo all this while and worried whether SS501 will remain together forever.

Originally the record company had provided some standard questions for SS501 to follow, unexpectedly this 5 boys do not play according to rules, and wanted to ask some 'real' questions! Knowing that using tarot card, they will be able to read their recent fortunes, all of them fight for their turn to ask questions. Kim KyuJong who was concerned of his health was reminded by the guru to take good care of his health. Heo YoungSeang asked shyly when he can find a girl friend, but only received response that due to the popularity and busy schedule of SS501, he would not be able to get a girl friend during this short period, YoungSaeng's face expression changed immediately and felt very disappointed. Kim HyungJoon wanted to ask whether the new album could won the 1st place, but was rebutted by Park JungMin, revealing that HyungJoon has always wanted to sing solo. Park JungMin asked the guru nervously how was the future development of SS501. The guru reminded the members to care for each other. Kim HyunJoong asked how long he can live, the fortune reading showed that Kim HyunJoong health condition is very good and do not need to worry about his health. The 5 boys felt better after listening to the fortune readings.

Kim HyunJoong who has been living in his own 4th dimensional world, didn't forgot to act funny during the interview. He removed his bracelet to play for some time, when he almost wanted to dismantle it for further examination, MC Ken Wu can't stand it anymore and helped him to fulfill his wish and by wearing the ear ring which was converted from the bracelet. This sudden act made the production team felt annoyed and yet funny. Being the leader of SS501, Kim HyunJoong was very concerned of the manners of his members. Upon entering the interview room, he immediately recognized MC Ken Wu and greet him passionately. After that when HyungJoon, the youngest of the team came in, he didn't heard Ken Wu's greeting due to the crowd and did not greet Ken Wu immediately. This was caught sight by leader Kim HyunJoong and he dragged HyungJoon over to greet Ken Wu! All these interesting exclusive interview and complete snapshots will be show in the next 3 days MTV Music Channel 'Japan Korea Pop Music Craze' from 28 - 30 October.

SS501 new mini album 'Rebirth' which has already been released in Korea on 20 October top major sales chart in Korea during its 1st day released. The main theme song 'Love Like This' was immediately raised to first place in and other major pop music chart. Their teaser MV which was just released online for a few days was also reached 40,000 hits! As for Taiwan, the 'Taiwan Limited Edition - Rebirth' album will start it sales from 30 October.

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