2PM's Wooyoung revealed an experience where he cried due to Park Jinyoung's harsh critiques.

The members of 2PM will be making their first talk show debut on KBS 2TV's 'Win Win.' 2PM revealed the stories of how they came to who they are today, their tears, their efforts, and their laughter.

Before their debut, 2PM had received the track 'Only You' from producer Park Jinyoung. The members of 2PM suffered while practicing this track. Especially Wooyoung, he had cried because of how hard it was.

Wooyoung stated, "I tried so hard night and day but in Park Jinyoung's strict eyes, it wasn't enough. Eventually, I had to get yelled at every day from Monday to the weekends."

He went on to state, "I was in the training room by myself on the piano trying to match up the notes. All of a sudden, my emotions came swelling up inside of me and I ended up crying."

The members added their own stories, saying, "In order to help him feel better, we bought him ice cream. He would accept the ice cream and return to his normal self, as if he had never cried at all."

Lead vocals Junsu and Junho stated that Nichkhun had grown the most talent wise and sang a short piece to Nichkhun's piano performance.

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