Last week, we reported that Park Bom topped the charts with her solo single "You and I" only after days of release. Bom captivated hearts of fans with a rnb single and a music video that goes very well the song.

This song is produced by no other than Teddy who also produced hit songs from 2ne1's mini album and Lollipop. Looks like another hit is going to be added to the long list. After a week, Bom continues to top the charts clearing up competition such as SHINee's Ring ding dong, Ivy's Touch me, Brown Eyed Girls' Sign and so on.

This solo song will be included in the first full album of 2ne1 that will be later released this year. With the continuous success of Bom's single could this mean she will be promoting the song in next weeks music shows? YG has been considering it and news is that Bom is already practicing for the song!

Well, all we have to do is wait and pray that Bom will be promoting her first solo song. Another success from 2ne1.

Here are some of the charts she topped:

note: I do not know from what site the other charts are from since I do not know how to translate korean. :D

Caps Credit: DC2NE1 Gallery + letsplay2ne1
article by: Blueprincess824 @ DKP
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