1460th day Super Junior and ELF met ~♡
2009-11-07 AM 1:25:00

before one knows autumn is over and the season of freezing wind brushing across our skin
is approaching.

our ELF* on keep yourselves away from normal flu and swine flu
have you been taking care of your health? take good care and not let your health slip away,,

already,,already,,year 2009 has barely 2 months left.ㅠ^ㅜ
a busy 2009 has passed 6th November 2009
our ELF should know what is this special day~~
6th November is the 1460th day Super Junior and E.L.F. first met
everyone know↗that↘right↗? (those who don’t ought to be punished~ ㅎㅎ)

on this special day i received many congratulatory messages from the fans
i give my utmost thanks to everyone,,
today is a special there and we have a very special guest with us.

this person finished the live performance at KBS Music Bank, from the faraway NamHanSanSung
where he came all the way he is ‘MyeongSooYeSung’.

all the memories we had together i will cherish them
dressed in couture outfit this is ‘MyeongsooYesung’ with a very cool pose today…
the people who stayed up all night at ‘NamHanSanSung’ please greet
actor kim with lovely replies ^^

and a special night when you miss them more~

the name that you won’t get tired of calling and calling~
the most precious year 2009 of Super Junior for E.L.F.
a very special moment i secretly put in here and i’ll call it a day.

29th march 2009!!
the first overwhelming moment Super Junior and E.L.F created together,,
everyone saw that?

till the last day of the year
look forward to the awesome results given to Super Junior from E.L.F and
the precious memories we create together ,,

it’s late i’m calling it a day.
sweet dreams everyone^^

P.S. as the dry weather continue, swine flu is especially hard to control -0-;;;
there’ve been alot of not very good news recently so always keep your hands clean !!
when going to crowded places wear a mask and please take care of your health~

* JJ used 파랭이 = little blue ones, i replaced it with ELF.

source; SJ OHP
translated by; carolyn @ sj-world.net

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