Hello this is J.TUNE CAMP.
We want to truthfully thanks everyone that has been highly valuing MBLAQ all the time.
MBLAQ’s first family official fan club Aplus 1 is finally starting for those who have waited for so long.

The fan club admission finishes once all of the money has paid from one’s account.
The application will not be accepted with only the application words or just the money.
We hope you read the rest of this well and apply accordingly ^^

1) Time limit
February 8th 2010 (Monday) ~ February 28th (Sunday)

2) Activity term
The day the fan club is set up till a year later

3) Fan club benefits
a) Official fan club membership card, official goods offer
Official café superior member upgrade and will be different from other members
c) If MBLAQ’s concert were to occur, then the fan club’s own spot
d) Attending of first event fan club great award(?) fan meeting
e) First entrance at live concerts
d) Can participate in other fan club events

4) Way to apply
a) Through official café can you apply/pay
Paying Account : Nation Bank (Gook Min Bank/국민은해) 346502-04-058109 Choi Hyun Young (최현영)
price: 20,000 won
*Please apply in the A+ 1 application room
After confirmation of paying: Upgrade to superior member in official fan café
c) Fan Club Application Complete

-Foreign Fans will apply through mail*
※ The manner that foreign fans apply
For those foreign fans that are not residing in Korea will send an email to mblaqfanclub@gmail.com with the below application.

The application fee will be 50,000 won and the account will be identical.

(For foreign fans the shipping fee may be more expensive than those living in Korea/Be aware of the shipping fee)

Mail title: MBLAQ Official Fan Club A+ Application (MBLAQ공식팬클럽A+가입신청)

Mail content:
1. Name
2. Delivery Country
3. Delivery Address
4. E-mail
5. Zip code
6. Phone number
7. Payment date
8. Payer
9. MBLAQ’s Official café, café.daum.net/MBLAQ nickname/daum loginID (Only Official fan café members can apply)

5) Be Careful of these things
a) You have to carefully accurately send the contactable contact information, email address, and card receipt; acceptance address
(We will not be in charge of wrong shipping or no contact with the person)
After successfully applying for the fan club there will not be any return
c) After successfully applying for the fan club there will be no returned goods of any kind
d) Please be accurate on time about add-ons and other things
e) Everything must be complete including the money with shipping fee as well.
f) Everything will be delivered and complete once the payment has been done and confirmed.
g) Please take good care of the payment.

We hope that you have thoroughly read the above information prior to applying, and we wish to receive a lot of attention.

Thank You.

Source: MBLAQcafe http://cafe.daum.net/Mblaq/EmYM/46
Translated by mblaq_mir_ @ absolutemblaq

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