[TV Report Reporter Lee Kyungnam] 2PM garnered a lot of interest as "Win Win" was their first talk show since their debut. Even though they talked about their music, choreography, ideal women, the behind stories from their trainee days and many different varieties of stories, in the end, they did not talk about Jaebum.

In the episode of KBS 2TV talk show “Win Win” that was aired on the 16th, the 2PM members did not mention Jaebum at all. MC Kim Seungwoo said, “I’d like to apologize beforehand the fact that we did not take any questions about Jaebum. They (JYPE) said that they don’t have anything to say yet. I hope you guys try to wait a bit longer,” and explained the members’ position in their stead.

At the “Win Win” press conference, [the producers] said, “You will be able to hear the stories you are curious about in the 2PM episode.” However, since this did not happen, many were disappointed.

Also, there is a feature in the show called, “Let’s Ask Quickly,” which gathers questions from viewers. However, because of this, more than 400 of those questions that came from the fans, became useless.

When Park Jin Young appeared on MBC’s “Golden Fishery," through his “Jaebum Statement,” he created ripples in the entertainment industry. The speculation regarding Jaebum’s uncertain return went on a rampage. Although it looks as though the 2PM members remained silent on the matter because they did not want to add to the controversy, the fans could not hide their disappointment.

This was especially because it was found out through the fans that were present at the recording that “even when Jaebum was mentioned, they stopped recording and then re-recorded the part.” The fans’ disappointment and curiosity multiplied.

On this day, when Taecyeon started saying, “Well since we have seven members…” he had many eyes on him because he showed how he really felt behind the scenes. This show is supposed to be a program where viewers participate in the “Viewer Participation Talk Show” concept and while they failed in that aspect, they still received praise from those who said, “At least they didn’t use Jaebum to try to boost up their ratings.”

On the other hand, it seems like the only way to see Jaebum’s most recent activities are through video sites.

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