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Maybe, maybe not. What is definite though is that she will no longer be on Star Golden Bell. After the semi scandal of Kim Jae Dong’s dismissal (rumors said he was blacklisted by the government for his Liberal political views), producers of the variety show decided to give the whole program a makeover. Part of the makeover is the elimination of Nicole’s segment.

Nicole co-hosted ‘Level with Me”, a segment which showcased her imaginative descriptions of various Korean celebrities’, movie and song titles, phrases, and proverbs. She would often tickle celebrity guests with her creative and hilarious ways. Her participation in the show was well received and it helped increase her popularity as well as KARA’s.

Taping of Star Golden Bell with new lead MC Ji Seok Jin has already been filmed. Nicole is said to have been a guest on the new episode.

cr: Daum ; Seoulbeats

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