With the surprise release of 2NE1’s ‘Try to Do What I Do’(t/n: aka Try to Copy Me, according to allkpop) as a digital single, the music fans among the netizens are showing various reactions, from ‘it’s upbeat’ to ‘the melody is very nice.’

One netizen praised them, saying, “Unlike the other singers, 2NE1 surprised us by suddenly releasing the song without prior notice, and surprised us again with the song being so good.”

Another netizen positively commented, “Because of the light-hearted and exciting autotune, Park Bom’s voice is almost lost, and it seems to be a simple hook-song with Sandara Park’s repetitive ‘Try to Do What I Do’ phrase, but it is a song that fits their image.”

On the other hand, despite the surprise release of the single, ‘Try to Do What I Do’ is already gaining popularity in Music Charts.

Source: Sisa Seoul
Translations by Orangie@ygsecret21.com/forums

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