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나르샤 "첫 키스는 20살, 마지막 키스는 최근"
여성그룹 브라운아이드걸스의 나르샤가 마지막 키스가 최근이라고 밝혀 눈길을 끈다.

나르샤는 최근 KBS 2TV '청춘불패' 녹화에 참여해 첫키스와 마지막 키스에 대한 이야기를 나누던 중 이같이 털어놨다.

나르샤는 '청춘불패' 막내 현아가 큰 언니인 나르샤에게 첫 키스 에피소드를 듣고 싶다는 요청에 "10년 전이었던 20세에 첫 키스를 했고 마지막 키스는 최근"이라며 구체적인 년도와 시기까지 고백했다.

이에 함께 촬영한 김태우는 "내 첫 키스는 22살 god 활동 시절"이라며 "아이돌 그룹을 믿지 말라. god 활동 시절 모든 멤버가 여자친구가 있었다"고 깜짝 공개하기도 했다.

한편 이날 녹화분은 오는 12일 방송된다.

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Narsha, member of the girl group "Brown Eyed Girls", attracted alot of attention when she revealed that her last kiss was recent.

Narsha was on the set of KBS2TV's "Invincible Youth" when they were sharing about their first and last kisses when she revealed details about both of them.

On the request of Invincible Youth's maknae Hyuna, Narsha confessed that she had her first kiss when she was 20 years old ten years ago, while it was only recently that she had her last kiss.

Another co-star Kim Tae Woo shared that he had his first kiss when he was 22 while G.O.D were active. He even revealed that one should not believe what the Idol Group says, as when G.O.D were active, all of its members were attached.

On the side note, this episode of Invincible Youth would be broadcasted on the 12th.

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