Narsha, member of the girl group "Brown Eyed Girls", revealed that she was unhappy with Ga-in.

Narsha and Ga-in were filming KBS2TV "Happy Together 3" when she spoke about this.

"During the promotion for L.O.V.E., there was alot of talk about Ga-in's coloured stockings, thus Ga-in gained recognition first" "Also because Ga-in was cast in a movie, the company treated Ga-in in a completely different manner." Refering to the time where Ga-in was hospitalised in a special ward.

Before this, Ga-in said "When I just entered the entertainment scene, my image was to be a boyish style with a hairstyle that covers half my face and wearing sports shoes" "However the 'star' in our group, Narsha, was given feminine dresses with lace etc. The way that the company paid more attention to Narsha made me sad and envious."

Source: Naver
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