On the 23rd, Koo Hara (Kara), Hyunah (4 Minute), Hyomin (Tiara), and Narsha (Brown Eyed Girls) had their naked faces revealed on the "Invincible Youth." Come take a look!

The staff woke the girls up early in the morning in order to travel to the country side. The SNSD girls, Sunny and Yuri, did their make up before the staff came in.

Heres what some netizens replied with.

"Ahh they are all pretty!"
"I'm kind of shocked by Hyomin's skin."
"Hyunah is still pretty without make up."
"Aww, I wanted to see Yuri without make up."

These are the screen caps of them after just barely being woken up.

cr: omgkpop
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