Part I:
Internet shopping mall 'A' encountered problems with KARA fans when they announced on its site that the only album sales that will be included in the Hanteo Chart are those sales made from February 17, when the mini-album Lupin will be released, till February 22, 2010.

Fans who have bought ahead, or those who have placed reservations on the mini-album protested this measure. In response to this, Internet shopping mall 'A' announced that it will include sales from February 11, which includes those who have placed advanced orders, till 22 for the chart rankings.

Among KARA fans, there has been talks for a movement for the purchase of the mini-album to be only from Feburary 22, and not on the date the album is released. This is for the purposes of ranking in KBS2's Music Bank, wherein album sales is given the most importance in its judging. For group KARA to be able to win #1 for the first week of March, the album sales from the 22nd to the 28th will be counted, and thus, there has been agreement amongst fans to purchase the album during this week instead of purchasing it on the week of its release.

The fans allegedly requested Internet shopping mall A to make it reflect that sales made before 22 will just be counted on the 22nd and not on the day it was actually made. To accommodate the request of the fans, Internet shopping mall 'A' agreed.

However, fans of another singers protested, saying that 'They are manipulating the charts. Its okay to be number 1, but they should be fair and honest.' The fandom of the other singers were the ones who leaked the agreement amongst KARA fans. Because of this, the officers of KARA's fanclub asked the Internet shopping mall 'A' to disregard all the request of the fans.

Part II:

Because of this Internet shopping mall 'A' announced that 'All album sales will be made to reflect starting on the day that they are delivered from the warehouse, and on the day that they are actually made. This will be reflected in the Hanteo charts.'

Netizens however, were sharp to point out that fans don't usually ask for this to be done, and that no legitimate seller would give in to such baseless request. They ask 'Was it really the fans who asked that the sales be counted that way? Or was it a strategy on the part of the Internet shopping mall 'A' to do so for them to get more customers?' Internet shopping mall 'A' denied this accusation, saying that they were merely accommodating requests from their customers seeing that they could possibly do so.

It is clear for all concerned that DSP and Mnet Media had nothing to do with the situation and were unaware of such controversy.

Internet shoppping mall 'A' has apologized for this happening.

However, KARA fans are not pleased, saying that 'Because of Internet shopping mall 'A', KARA received unnecessary criticisms.' The fans are getting together, agreeing not to purchase the album from their site. They also expressed their dissatisfaction towards KARA's company, who decided not to release the album on the 22nd saying that 'They can't even plan the promotions properly.'

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