Heechul: Right now, like he predicted during the break, he sent Minho a text message and Minho is calling him.

Junho: Should I just answer?

Heechul: Yes, just have a short conversation. Hold the phone near the mike so we can hear Minho?s voice.

Junho: Hello?

Heechul: Speakerphone? put him on speakerphone.

Junho: Hold on.

Heechul: Our Minho shi is so kind

Junho: Minho yah.

Minho: What?s wrong, hyung?

Junho: Ah, hyung is?

Minho: Yes.

Junho: on the radio right now.

Minho: Oh, really?

Junho: I?m on Heechulie hyung?s radio right now.

Minho: Oh, really? You really surprised me, hyung!

Junho: Our Minho is really? ah? there?s really no one but you.

2PM: He?s impressive/cool

Minho: I was so surprised, I was practicing just now but I called you to get ready to go out.

Junho: Oh, really?

Heechul: Whoa. Wow.

Junho: Say something to the Youngstreet listeners.

Minho: Am I on air right now?

Heechul: Yes, you?re on air.

Junho: You?re on live broadcast right now.

Minho: Really?

Heechul: Minho-shi, we don?t have much time, so speak quickly, kid.


Minho: Oh, ah, hello listeners, this is SHINee?s Minho.

Heechul: Ring ding dong ring ding dong.

Minho: We?re currently in album preparations.

Heechul: For certain, his professionalism.

Minho: We?re in album preparations and it?ll be released soon so please anticipate us, and please give more love to Junho hyung?s, 2PM hyungs? Without You.

2PM: He has sense, he has sense.

Junho: Minho yah.

Minho: Yes, hyung.

Junho: I really love you.

Minho: I love you, man


Heechul: Minho shi.

Minho: Yes.

Heechul: This is Heechul.

Minho: Yes.

Heechul: To you, what type of presence is Junho shi?

Minho: To me? Junho hyung?

Heechul: Yes.

Minho: Uh?

Heechul: Yes.

Minho: How should I explain this?

Heechul: You have to be quick. If you don?t speak for 3 seconds that?s a broadcasting accident.

Minho: To me, Junho hyung is?

Heechul: Yes.

Minho: A hyung who will be a big help in my life in the future?

Heechul: Oooh, our Minho shi goes around saying this sort of thing very often.

Minho: Ah, Heechulie hyung!

Heechul: I see, Minho shi, thank you, and come to Youngstreet some time.

Minho: Ah, hyung, I?ll definitely go.

Heechul: Yes, I see, thank you!

Junho: Minho yah, bye!

Minho: Thank you.

Heechul: Thank you.

Minho: Goodbye.

Heechul: Yes.

Minho: Yep.

Heechul: Ah, for sure, Minho shi really called. He must be very close to Junho shi.

2PM: He?s very sincere.

Junho: After I sent him the text, I imagined that he?d call me instead of just texting back.

Heechul: Ahh, yes, this means that these two are really close friends, and on the flip side, Wooyoung shi and Junsu shi must be feeling very uneasy right about now, no one?s calling.

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Translation Credit: Team Onew ; Herda
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Credits: shineee forums
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