Mc Mong and Ivy are both finding success from the song "I Am," reaching number one on Dorisak and placing in the top ten on other charts. What does the success of this song mean? A music video of course!

A few days ago, Mc Mong released a picture of him and Ivy on his Cyworld. Little did fans know, from this same picture are the makings of the music video for the song "I Am." The music video for "I Am" is a "behind the scenes" music video, which is a safe route...and also low budget? Would it have been different if the music video followed a storyline? The safe route was probably a better for this song. Well, at least we get to see how well these two work together.

With the release of this music video, it will only help prepare fans for Ivy's return. She has released two digital singles from her third album, a teaser for "Touch Me" and has been active in the Korean World Series, singing the national anthem.

Ivy Singing National Anthem Part 1

Ivy Singing National Anthem Part 2

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