The girl from Mblaq's music video will be revealed.

    On the 27th May, through MTV "Making the video: Mblaq", the filming process of Mblaq's Y and the female lead will be shown.

    The music video for 'Y' was in a drama form, where Lee Joon and the female lead are lovers, but she was having an affair with Seungho, leading to Lee Joon's dream of having a sad revenge.

    In the teasers and full versions of the MV of 'Y', the female lead's face has been skillfully covered by light under the production of director Hong Won Ki.

    Lee Joon, who appeared as the male lead reveals, "The love scenes I had with this female lead was the most emotionally difficult. While acting I tried to think as if we were married, but my heart was racing and my hands were shivering. We had a lot of NGs."

    Lee Joon and the female lead were wearing matching white shirts, playing around on a bed and shared a kiss, and they acted sweetly like they really loved each other deeply.

    On the other hand, Seungho, who acted as Lee Joon's rival in love talks about the club scene where the 3 of them had their first meet (in the MV), "I just went for the recording and suddenly I was casted to act. I was acting after 6 years (?) so it was awkward",

    To be broadcasted on the 27th May, 5pm.
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Source - newsen
Translation - whatthecheryl @ AbsoluteMblaq

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