On 'Yeoyumanman' shown on KBS 2TV on 19th October, an interview with Rain's group MBLAQ was aired. On 9th October, they had debuted on Rain's Asian Tour 'Legend of Raininsm' in Seoul.

Upon being asked about the weight of being 'Rain's Group', Lee Joon answered 'We'd be lying if we said that we didn't feel any pressure', then said 'I feel like dying because of the pressure'.

MBLAQ is also famous for having Sandara Park of 2NE1's younger brother Chun Dung and talent Go Eunah's younger brother Mir. Chun Dung has stated that he was thankful for being known thanks to his sister and that she actively gives him advice.

MBLAQ continued on to say they will 'make all the girl groups fall for them'.

On the other hand, Rain said 'Even though MBLAQ lacks in many areas, they will improve' followed by boasting that they were better-looking than him.

Credit: BLAQ'n'white@mba.com (translation) & Newsen (original)


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