Kim Bum is invading London!

Attention to London’s fans of Kim Bum, he might be just right besides you!

Most of you had probably heard this news but i’ll share it anyway.

Kim Bum had traveled to London yesterday, 23rd October, and will stay until the 2nd of November 2009 to promote the environmental protection program in England which is known for the eco-friendly country.

He will learn about how this country protect its environment as well as bringing back the knowledge and implement it in Korea.

Along side with his learning, Kim Bum will also be getting ’special missions’ from fans in Korea and worldwide through the “It Travel” blog. Fans could propose various missions for Kim Bum to complete in order to get to know more of this country.

For more information, check here for the ’special missions’ events and here for the environmental news.

credit: Bumsso blog.
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