DJ Teuk’s Poem:

Look at DJ Teuk’s expression of concentration…!
Use his moist* gaze to word by word
to write a poem!
Just what feelings is he writing with?
Curious *–*
DJ Teuk’s poem recitation.

Wind autumn wind..
Wind autumn wind that goes through my inner heart..
Fallen. My heart that has once loved you
Already burnt to ashes, that fallen leaf in my heart.
Fallen. That which has once rowed through the air
That one and only star.

That missed and yearned for season.
That lonely and solitary season.
That lonesome and desolate** season.
Wind blows. Autumn wind..

KYA~ Amazing~Amazing~
DJ Teuk seems to be lonesome lately!
Can feel that kind of desolation**!

*moist as in smooth, clear…emotional?
**not as negative as it sounds, just more like alone and empty


DJ Hyuk’s Poem:

Wind blowing
Passing my face to tell me autumn is here

Leaves falling to zero*
Passing my feet to tell me autumn is here

Prominent appetite
Fill my stomach to tell me autumn is here

Eunteuk ah have come to life
Stayed at the place of revision and thus saved KTR**

*As in there is zero left that haven’t fallen
**The “revision” probably refers to the changes in the sukira program


Credits: DJ Eunteuk &sjbluecn
Translated by Fever @
Do not modify or add your own credits.
Please do not re-translate!

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