Actress Lee Seung Hyun started her fasion business right after she gave birth. Coming on 27th this month, the TV show “Supermom Diary” on Storyon showed how Lee is doing lately and how she does her business and backstory that how she lose her weight.

Lee said “It has been a long time since I closed my previous business. When I decided to restart this fashion business i was really nervous
but my husband is very supportive. Now, I’m with a truly happy family and I can do what I want to do. So now I'm really happy..”

Then Lee mention some of the entertainers who she considers as a icon these days, “Girl group 2NE1 and actor Kim dong wook.” she said. “These days, there are tons of girls who are stylish and beautiful. Especially 2ne1, their fashion is unique and brilliant. Kim has also good taste of clothes and is good at taking a photo. he is so charming.”

Lee was married to a guy who is second korean generation in the US, and gave a birth on june.

Source: + 21evo
Credits to : iriswee@ygladies forum
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