Coming back with her 4th album within this 2 months, it has been known that there is high possibility that sexy queen Lee Hyori’s comeback title song may be a foreign song.

A representative revealed recently, “It is likely that we will use a foreign song for Lee Hyori’s new album title song. The songs written by the composers who worked with Lee Hyori for the album are said to be not what Hyori is looking for, hence it seems that it has been decided that a foreign song with a new style will be chosen as the title song.”

It has been known recently that the popular composers for the Kpop industry are not included in working of the album, it is reasoned that specific composers are suited for singers with specific styles. The rep said, “Lee Hyori will be using songs from new composers or foreign songs for the album. It is the case that many popular composers are making songs specificially for certain singers, singing songs from these composers will only make fans think of the usual singers who receive songs from them.”

Credit : K Bites

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