Kwon Sang Woo was sent to the hospital while filming the action scene in the movie ‘Gun Fire’. On the 4th Feburary in the afternoon at Gyeongnam open air studio, Kwon Sang Woo was shooting an battlefield scene with BigBang’s Top where they need to hold on to each other and roll on the ground.

Because of this, Kwon Sang Woo suffered and hurt his right cheek bone. After a period of time, his cheek was still swelling, therefore he received an emergency treatment in the hospital.

In the late afternoon, Kwon Sang Woo complaint about the pain in his teeth and was transferred to a private dental in Daegu Dental Hospital. Kwon Sang Woo received a full scale X-ray film but his situation did not improve, so he was being transferred to the larger hospital in Seoul.

A representative expressed: “His injuries are not too serious. There are no strange reaction from Kwon Sang Woo’s body. We transferred him to the hospital to get the correct diagnosis. It was also said that he was injured because of shooting the gun fire scene in the movie. It not totally the fact. The shooting will be starting again after the fully check up have been done in Seoul.”

Source From: IsPlus & KoreanClicks

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