MYX Hit Chart
Nov. 1-Nov. 7, 2009

MYX International Top 20
Oct. 31-Nov. 6, 2009

Thats 5 korean artists on 2 major charts in the Philippines. Namely SNSD, Super Junior, 2ne1, Super Junior M and SS501. Kpop is showing no signs of slowing down in its domination on the charts in the Philippines. It all started when x-celebrity in the Phil Sandara Park was heard that she will debut in a girl group in Korea. Then Lollipop was discovered and one thing led to the other.

The charts basically base on text votes nothing else. It looks like kpop is getting more popular by the day in the Phil. Kpop sure is conquering Asia with its high quality music and catchy beat, language barrier is put aside and enjoyed by many. I myself is a Filipina and a proud Hardcore Kpop fan and everyone who knows me knows how much I love kpop. Kpop is not something new in the Philippines, its starting to make its mark on the Philippine Industry, loved my many and admired by the majority; KPOP is a sure hit in the country!

Stay tuned tomorrow for the latest results in the following week's results!

cr:; Caps taken by Blueprincess824 @ DKP; Article by Blueprincess824 @ DKP
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