Underground newcomer duo BlackOut has been the topic amongst netizens for accusations of ‘plagiarism’ of GDragon’s solo album ‘Heartbreaker’.

The duo’s new song ‘Black Out’ contains part of the melody which is similar to part of GDragon’s song ‘Heartbreaker’ which was under fire of criticisms for plagiarism when ‘Heartbreaker’ was first released.

That aside, the duo’s new album jacket is also similar to that of GDragon’s solo album ‘Heartbreaker’. And this has caused heated discussion and debate amongst netizens online.

Song ‘Black Out’


Comparing with the song ‘Heartbreaker’


The leader Maslo to team BlackOut wrote on his minihompy, “This song is the preview song to BlackOut’s 1st full length album and it has been produced to allow more people to know our name. It is not a song which serves the reason of achieving profit, the full amount we received from this song will be donated to the less fortunate.”

Netizens meanwhile are in a heated discussion over the group and the song on various community sites and on Maslo’s minihompy. And netizens takes both extreme sides tto the case:

“Isn’t this using GDragon’s popularity and the plagiarism case on purpose?”
“One man falling for his own trick.”
“This is one satire on GDragon with ’sense’. “
Many are curious how this group Blackout, whose name has not been much known before, will go using the satire on GDragon.

Meanwhile, theey will be doing a showcase performing this song at HongDae area on 8th November.


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