Singer Kim Tae Woo(KTW) has revealed that he likes Seung Yeon(SY) more than his ideal type Nicole now.

During a recent recording of SBS "Star King" which airs on 11/14, KTW danced with SY cuddled in his embrace. Even though other celebrity guests told him "stop fulfilling your personal wishes on camera", KTW displayed passionate hugs with SY with every dance move.

KTW and SY got into this situation while performing a popular form of modern Japanese dance called "union dance" which has the concept of "communication between bodies". In "Union dance", the basics starts with the female dancer standing on the male dancers feet, and relies on synergy between the two as the female's feet should never touch the floor.

Due to KTW's 190cm height, he led SY smoothly and naturally, and SY showed off her flexible wave dances as usual - resulting in a strangely pleasing peformance that reminded of Beauty and the Beast.

And even when the dance was over, KTW playfully did not let SY out of his embrace, confessing "Nicole used to be my ideal type, but now I like SY even more."

source: Yahoo KR
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