[News][2010.02.10] Kim Hyun Joong's 'We Got Married' accompanied fans to eat reunion meal

Prior to the Chinese New Year, SS501 is currently busy practicing for the their Seoul Encore Concert on 27 & 28 February. Leader Kim Hyun Joong who is with the Tiger horoscope does not forget to lead his team to wish their fans Happy New Year. On the eve and 1st day of Chinese New Year, Taiwan Videoland channel will be broadcasting 'We got Married - Kim Hyun Joong Newly Wed Special' to accompanied his fan to spend their Valentine Day.

'We Got Married' program, after the portion of Kim Hyun Joong and female star Hwang Bo experience as newly wed couple was broadcasted, the viewship rate multiplied. Elder wife younger husband, while getting along has created a lot of interesting incidents, it brought unlimited imagination space for Kim Hyun Joong's noona and ahjumah fans. Starting from eve of Chinese New Year, consecutively for 2 days, Taiwan Videoland Channel will broadcast 1 hour of 'We Got Married - Kim Hyun Joong Newly Wed Special', allowing his fan to experience a sweet Valentine Day.

Following that TTV's 'Century Superstar Concert' at 11pm of 15 February, will present to you Flowery Beauty Boys, they will broadcast the TV Special of 'SS501', 'FTIsland' and 'Korea F4'. Other than that, SS501 also newly release in Taiwan their 'SS501 Live at Bodukan 2 DVD Taiwan Hardcover Collection Album' to extend their new year greetings to their fans.

When asked about new year wishes, Kyu Jong who is going to be 24 years old on the 24th, revealed shyly, as long as the encore concert will be successful, he will be very happy. Young Saeng who is also with the Tiger horoscope, mentioned while laughing that this is Kim Hyun Joong and his year, and hope that this year he will have even better performance.

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