SS501 leader Kim Hyun Joong suddenly sang ‘Thank You’ through the telephone connection during ‘Gold Miss’.

During the second part of the ‘Gold Miss’ program - ‘Good Sunday Part 2′, the six members challenged themselves if they were a wedding singer. Before the challenge, the six members have to call out through the telephone connection and try to pretend that they are inviting the singers to sing for their wedding.

SS501 leader Kim Hyun Joong was selected and everyone was so envy. But when it was time to sing together, Kim Hyun Joong felt so shy and awkward, which made everyone laughed.

It not easily to talk to Kim Hyun Joong on the phone as he was in a cab at that moment. When Kim Hyun Joong picked up the phone, the six members could not control themselves any longer and felt so excited about it.

Kim Hyun Joong has been asked who is his favorite lady in ‘Gold Miss’ and he replied ‘Shin Bong Sun’. When they continued to ask him why. Without any hesitation he replied: “Because she is funny.” The audience laughed out immediately.

After that Hyeon Yeong also requested Kim Hyun Joong to sing another song, Kim Hyun Joong agreed to sing on the spot. He sang his own song ‘Thank you’ follwed by a rush ending at the end of the song. Members were surprised to find out why. Kim Hyun Joong answered: “The cab driver was looking at me.”

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