The recording for Win Win started at 9 PM, and by the time everything was done, it was about 6 AM when we finally got out. It was still dark outside and snowing, not a lot of fans in the street either. I was carrying all the cameras and cams when my friend pointed out to a bunch of kids walking.

I turned around and it was Taec, Khun, Junsu, and their manager. There were two vans and Khun went to one of the vans and stood outside instead of going on. He kept staring at the entrance door to the broadcast hall.

It was freezing cold and I was wondering why Khun wasn't going inside. Wooyoung soon came out without a jacket and started running because it was so cold. Khun had his hands in his pockets and just watched Wooyoung. Wooyoung quickly went inside the van and disappeared.

After Wooyoung went in, Khun slowly walked over to the next van and got in with Taec and left.

During the Win Win recording, Khun and Wooyoung were sitting a bit far away and so I was a bit upset but thankfully, in the opening, they stayed together. They sang about two or three times for an impromptu Kim Wonjun show. Either way, they sang a ton more times.

Khun had a guitar and kept putting his hand on Wooyoung's shoulder while he was singing. He was so close behind Wooyoung, practically stuck to him!

And since Khun is a foreigner, there's no way he'd know the Kim Wonjun show right? He didn't know how to sing it so he was just mumbling and nodding his head. Wooyoung cocked his head back to face Khun and looked up at him while singing. He kept trying to make eye contact.

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