As Kara member Nicole is receiving love from her fans for her unique charms, she has received a new nickname 'double girl' and is spreading her trend.

Floren Dentists director Oh Gyungah said "Within the online community, for 'being a girl with double charms and receiving the nickname 'double girl' for that reason, Nicole has both cuteness and sexiness. Especially with her white teeth and her round and equal teeth alignment, the person looking at her will see her charms that gives off both a cute and sexy image."

Director Oh continuted, "These days, many young women come to fix their teeth or have surgery to be similar to Nicole's cute yet sexy smile." and "For a while, I predict Nicole will be a person that people will most want to be like as a famous icon for her smile with double charms."

In reality, the fans within the online community have said "Nicole's best charms are her silly yet very witty explaining skills and her confident and cute smile which is very impressive", as these types of messages were gaining attention.

Meanwhile, Nicole will be the next main character on Mnet's Kaist season 3 following Seo In Young and MC Mong. Many netizens are already wondering, "As Nicole still stutters with korean, I wonder which college, and which major will she be studying in," and is receiving explosive interest.

translated by: thebuddybud @ karaholic

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