The photos of girlgroup Kara staying in Japan were sent to the sports journalist.

Earlier this month, Kara went to Tokyo, Japan for 4 days and 3 nights. This schedule was to plan Kara's stay in Japan. Kara debutted in Japan before August by launching fan club and shaking hand with 4000 people. This was the moment to determine Kara's popularity across the strait. As a special party Kara opened a ever-changing stage for the fans.

The off-stage was different. The age did not matter. Kara members were very relaxing and natural. They were pleasant and fun. One could also see them checking their Japanese for the fans. The "backstage" cuts of Kara's charms will be shown only in Sports Korea.

#Pledge in Japan! Working together for success!

Before going to the stage Kara members are shouting "Fighting" in their waiting room. Thanks to them meeting Japanese fans beforehand, they are more relaxed. The bright smiles do not leave their faces.

#Be Self-luminous!

Before leaving to Japan Goo Hara is looking at her ticket. Although her clothes aren't costumes but casual, they have a stylish appearance.

#"Maknae's" smile

"Maknae" Jiyoung is smiling while moving to her room. She seems to be happy due to all the warmth of the fans waiting for them at the airport. Despite her busy schedule Kang Jiyoung never showed signs of being tired and did not lose her smile. Even when making mistakes in rehearsals she was happy.

#Goddess of the "tear-mode"

Moment before the Japanese fan club, Park Gyuri is preparing her Japanese. It seems she is reminded of something fun due to her smile. The natural look of hers seems to be a scene from a CF.

#Study! which is Hara Goo, means "do it"
Goo Hara is also learning Japanese. She was busy with studying Japanese with a Japanese staff and meeting the Japanese fans. Their "tear-mode"continuted for a long time.
#Along with fans

Kara members posed for the camerica during their handshakes with 4000 Japanese fans. Although the handshakes are common to Kara back in Korea, one could see that Kara enjoyed interacting with the fans.

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