Girl group Kara's leader Park Gyuri has made a surprising announcement that her first kiss was with Kang HoDong.

On SBS's 'Strong Heart', Park Gyuri said "The one who stole my first kiss is here", and made the studio flip in confusion.

After she made her shocking confession, she revealed the person, but nobody could hide their amazement after the revealment. That person was MC Kang HoDong.

As the 'thief' Kang Hodong replied "I don't remember at all", Park Gyuri shot back by saying "Stop pretending to not remember" as she raised the curiousity of the cast.

As Park Gyuri was performing as a child star when she was little, she appeared with Kang HoDong on a program, and she said her lips were stolen by Kang HoDong. Park Gyuri said that even though she was little, a first kiss is a first kiss, and told him it was his fault. The program will air on the 27th.

credits: KARAholic; Star
translated by: thebuddybud @ Karaholic
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