Once again , Kangin's friend Dongson left a message at Camomile , I only translated parts that are relevant to Super Junior .

<< The Eighth Letter To Young-woon's Fans >>
09.11.09 10:09

hi ^^-
(He wrote lots about South Korean College Entrance Examination)

Not long ago , it was SuJu 4th Anniverssary , at that time I was studying ~~
ELF that are led by SuJu are the best Fans !

Feel very grateful to the letters ans packages that ELF sent to me . Aiya , ELF is not just only great fans !
Soon , it's going to be Pepero Day ( Note : 11th November , something like Valentines Day ), though I really want to thank ELF ... I have to defend the homeland T^T

Lastly !

During this holiday period , I saw Sung Min and Ryeowook .
Actually , I should meet with Young-woon on the first day of my holiday . Later , had a telephone conversation with him , but we were unable to meet . Do not worry !
Only now he can have some personal space and time , able to walk with his family and spend time with his family . Comparing to the period when he had activities feeling exhausted , now he is even more relaxed .
Is thinking about what to do .

In this cold autumn day , if Camomile is able to see the smile on Young-woon face , is really warm hearted ...
I do not know when I am having holidays again . If I can see Young-woon smiling , I would certainly take a picture of it !
Therefore , Camomile and ELF also must smile oh . ^^)/

Source : Camomile (Source)
Credits to : teukiteuki (Trans from Korean to Chinese)

Translated by (Chinese to English) : -Estee28♥~ @ Daily K Pop News

Note : This translation may not be 100% correct , since I translated from a chinese translation ! Thank you !
KanginYang dongson

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