Park Jinyoung reveals return plans for the first time on the show "Mureuppak."

Airing on the 11th, MBC's 'Mureuppak Dosa,' Park Jinyoung carefully revealed plans on bringing Jaebum back.

A JYPE representative said "He revealed the drawing of Jaebum's return a little bit. You may consider it as an upgrade to the responses he's been giving about the Jaebum case. It's not a response that just plainly states the recent conditions but rather a response to the fans. We expect for the curiosity of the fans to be at least a little bit helped."

This is the first time that Park Jinyoung and JYPE spoke out about the Jaebum case. The fact that Park Jinyoung is working on making Jaebum's return a reality is causing much attention.

What fans are more interested in is the level of progress that Park Jinyoung has made on Jaebum's return. Park Jinyoug has yet to announce any details. He merely stated that a 6 membered 2PM is the direction that Jaebum wants and asked of fans to understand.

The producers of were asked how much they will actually reveal. "We're in a bit of an awkward situation. Regardless, we will not make any cuts to the show and air it as is, with everything Park Jinyoung said regarding Jaebum's return."


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