During a new years special, 2PM's Junho and Chansung were in a wrestling battle with Jo Youngku. They were injured during the match, causing fans to become upset.

Aired on the 13th, MBC's 'Star God of Wrestling' had a tournament match between 2PM's Chansung, Junho, and Jo Youngku. After the match, Chansung and Junho's neck and arms had finger nail marks looking like scratches captured on the screen, shocking the fans.

The captures with the scratch marks were spread to various boards and 2PM fans and viewers stated, "I thought it was a scratch made from the sand but looking at it closely, it looks like finger nail marks," "Isn't it too much to harm the opposing player?"

Regarding the actual match that day, they went on to state, "Compared to the other matches, it was a bit more harsh," "I was nervous when they were crushing the face with their bodies or harshly pulling on clothes."

Having gone up to the final match, Jo Youngku was met with loss to 2AM's Im Seulong, earning the title of 'A True Winner.' Unforunately, after the news of the nail scratches were made public, the opinions quickly changed into criticisms, "It's not good seeing him play so lethally."

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