Jo Kwon recovers from swine flu

Idol group 2AM's member Jo Kwon is in the recovery stage from swine flu.

An associate has stated "He's receiving treatment and his condition is very good. He's recovered almost fully and will be able to receive a judgment by tonight. At latest, by next week."

Jo kwon had caught the swine flu and was hospitalized for treatment. The rest of the 2AM members are said to be in good health.

While Jo Kwon is receiving treatment, a guardian will be spending time with him in case of emergency. "Jo Kwon was suffering from cold symptoms the week before until he was diagnosed with swine flu on the 27th. The results came out a bit late but he's been taking his medicine and his coughing has gone away a bit. He's resting without any problems now. Jo Kwon is merely waiting for the final results."


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