2PM Jaebum's B-Boy videos is attracting attention amidst the 2AM and 2PM joint stage showcase- Fans are letting out a deep sigh.

In September 2009, Jaebum withdrew and is staying in Seattle in the U.S. On January 30 (U.S. Time), Jaebum revealed a B-Boy dance battle. It has become known that during the battle, Jaebum wore t-shirts that the fans had sent him.

Fans saw the Youtube video of Jaebum's dance battle video and said, "It was an unspoken greeting" and "it seems like a token of appreciation to fans." Their reaction was, "In the future, we hope to interact with Jaebum through videos."

As the tshirts that fans gave to Jaebum was garnering attention, fans on cyworld discovered the news about the preparations for the "Oneday" (2AM and 2PM) joint performance. "Brother groups" 2AM and 2PM, on February 12th's New Year's special KBS 2TV "Music Bank" will be singing each other's song and doing a joint performance of featuring a song by their sunbae group GOD.

The fans said "without Jaebum, there is no Oneday "Oneday-1"" and "Jaebum's absence is felt more significantly." "We dream of an 11 member stage..." they speak out with a regretful voice.

Meanwhile, the buzz around Jaebum's return or permanent withdrawl have grown, but they are just empty rumors.

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