Singer Ivy has revealed her thoughts on completing her 3rd album activities.

Ivy (real name Park Eun Hye) wrote in her cyworld on February 2 with the title "hello, it's Ivy", and asked of her fans' health, saying "it's been a long time since I've said hello to my fans. it's getting chilly, is everyone ok? I'm doing fine".

She also talked a bit about her feelings, saying that she "finished [her] 3rd album activies on Inkigayo not so long ago" and that she was "very sad that it was already over, because it only felt like yesterday that [she] was on her 3rd album comeback stage".

Also, she added that there were sleepless nights before she released her 3rd album where she asked herself "will I be able to go on stage tomorrow?" and "will I be able to sing again?", and thanked her fans for "helping [her] every time she felt weak and small".

She also said, "although I was not able to perform more and meet more fans, I was happy because I was able to go on the stage again and sing", and she showed her determination, saying, "this is the beginning. when there is an end, there is also a beginning! I'll be back for a new beginning after I learn more".

She said that she was planning on practicing her singing and dancing a lot more, remembering the early days when she had just debuted, and that she will become Ivy who tries her best.

She also added that she will be back soon with a new image that will surprise everyone, and asked her fans to continue supporting her.

Ivy has completed her 3rd album activities on the 23rd of January with a performance on Inkigayo.
Source: Newsen
Translation: [info]gogoparty @ [info]omona_prection

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